Bayswater Road, Luxury Apartments

Graaf Group founder and CEO, Gennaro Autore, has a genuine passion for restoring heritage buildings to their former status and beauty, having lived in historic accommodation in his native Italy, in Milan, Naples and Florence.

“When I look at an old building, I am drawn to its history and the status it once had. This is my inspiration for the project. I see so much potential – both aesthetically and from a commercial perspective – that should be explored.”

It was this vision which saw the successful restoration of The Trust Building, in Sydney’s CBD, to its former grand glory in 2019 and the sale to luxury retailer Hermès for its local flagship store.

Gennaro’s next project 20-26 Bayswater Road is just as ambitious and visionary.

“I walked past (20-26 Bayswater Road) many times, marvelling at the beauty of the buildings and visualising how to bring them back to a status they once enjoyed, to bring back an upmarket clientele and business prosperity to Potts Point.”

Recent reports, in The Sydney Morning Herald, highlight the push by the community and Sydney City Council to reinvigorate and gentrify the area as a desirable destination for locals and global visitors, plans which align with the vision for 20-26 Bayswater Road.

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